Best Ab Exercise, 8,000 cal Diet and GymWatch

Which Ab Exercise Will Give You a Six Pack the Soonest?

Could barely force myself to read this one. After all, we all know it should be 5 sets of stop eating crap. Still a bunch of researchers at the University of Wisconsin thought they could do better. After placing electrodes on the abs they found that the good old fashioned crunch activated the rectus abdomens and the external obliques more than the front plank, the side prank, the yoga boat pose, stability ball crunch, decline bench curl-up, captain’s chair crunch, or bicycle crunch, and more than those late night TV favourites such as the Ab Circle Pro, Ab Roller, Ab Lounge, Perfect Sit-Up, Ab Coaster, Ab Rocket, Ab Wheel, and Ab Straps. Ab Rocket!!! Yahoo Health

Landmine Squats; Thank You, Ben Bruno

I love the landline shoulder press so I've gotta try these next leg day! The video says it all but if you curious to know more head over to Ben Brunos.

American Sniper Diet.

How many calories did Bradley Cooper eat each day to gain the 18kg he put on to play Chris Kyle? 6,000, 8,000, 10,000?  The number seems to be going up and up. Now even though 6,000 is probably closer to the truth you can go over to Elle Magazine and see what an 8,000 cal looks like. Who knows maybe Bradley Cooper did eat some of this stuff? We could ask his trainer Jason Walsh but he appears to be on a very nice holiday in Europe.

OMG: Finally A Strength Training Wearable Who cares about heart rate and blood pressure! Finally a wearable that measures the really important stuff like
"starting strength, maximum strength, explosive strength and speed strength, and also measures the precise motion amplitude in every exercise. The sensor can differentiate between full and partial repetitions and the time under tension of eccentric, concentric and static muscle contractions in exercises using free-weights, machines or the user’s own body weight."
And it will even SHOUT at you if you’re doing it wrong
"real-time verbal and visual feedback so that users can immediately find out if they are correctly performing any of the more than 900 exercises in the GYMWATCH catalog"
Still at $200 a pop (thats $400 if you want one for each side of your body), it does seem a little expensive and I’m hoping you don’t have to train in your underwear.Gym Watch Girl