Bodybuilding: Good vs Great!

Hot off the Press!  People only need to push, pull or lift their own bodyweight according to fitness experts to get a great body (Reuters). Really? Brett Contreras, author of  "Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy," a guide to bodyweight-only workouts, says that using only bodyweight exercises anyone can get a physique as good as with using weights . For example:

 Inverted Curl

Had to try this and it works. Only probably isn't best to do with breakfast on the table. Strangely, Contreras, the glute guy, advocate of barbell hip thrusters (love 'em) also sells the HipThruster a quite cool machine that makes it easier to hip thrusters with bands or barbells. He also written widely on weight training. The Equinox national creative director of group fitness chimes in. "Bodyweight training is great for mobility, stability and creating movement patterns, you want to build a strong foundation, be stable around the shoulders, hips and spine." Check out their class "Animal Flow" [embed][/embed] Ultimately, the problem with bodyweight only exercises is progression.  Changing center of gravity and exercise complexity may suffice in the short term but nothing beats machines, dumbells and barbells when it comes to progressive overload. And that is the difference between good and great!