Deadlift Right, Drug Lord Fitness Guru, ETC

Deadlift the Right Way

Take it from me there are two ways to deadlift. The right way and the wrong way. I did it the right way for years and fixed a dodgy back. Then I did it the wrong way and undid all that good work. I'm back to doing it the right way now and this step by step demonstration by Joe DeFranco is a great reminder of how to deadlift right.

From Drug Lord to Fitness Guru

You're a drug lord making millions a year but you're overweight with seriously high cholesterol and blood pressure. What do you do? Get arrested!

Before and After Marte Coss

In the can, Marte Coss tackled his health issues and lost 30+ kilos over 6 months all in the confines of his 3m x 2m cell.  He then had another 3 and a half years to refine his method. Now New Yorkers have another way to workout. With a $100,000 investment from Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran (I guess he didn't save any of those drug millions he made), Coss has opened a studio for his "prison-style boot-camp class". Looks a lot like a regular fitness studio now but Marte plans to do it out like a, you guessed it, prison.

Marte Coss  

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Sweet As ...

Blake Little, celebrity portrait photographer, goes about 'democratizing' bodies with honey.  Around 2 tonne of honey in total. He calls this series "Preservation". Just amazing. Via

Saunas are Good for You

I was a regular sauna user years ago and now it turns out they are, in fact, good for you. A study of 2000 men spanning 20 years showed that regular sauna users had "fewer deaths from heart attacks, strokes, various heart-related conditions and other causes." Turn up the heat! From the Guardian


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