Hydrolysed Whey Proteins

These are advanced supplements. Hydrolysed whey protein isolates have a bitter taste but will significantly boost recovery from intense workouts. They may also be useful in other applications, which require a rapidly digested protein. Hydrolysed whey is rich in rapidly digested tri- and di- peptides. These peptides are absorbed up to 234% faster than free form amino acids and the faster protein is absorbed the more it stimulates protein synthesis. Tri- and di-peptides have a molecular weight less than 800da and approximately 30% of the peptides in the HWPI DH10 and 50% of the peptides in the HWPI DH17 fall within this range.

Molecular Weight Profiles

Molecular Profiles

"100% Hydrolysed!"

Yes, both these hydrolysates are 100% hydrolysed. This is not the same as 'Degree of Hydrolysis' (see about hydrolysis..). Common sense tells us that if every peptide bond was broken, we wouldn't have protein anymore, just a mix of free-form amino acids. '100% hydrolysed' has been conveniently defined as a protein in which every protein molecule has be broken at least once and this is a relatively easy criteria to meet. In fact, it probably quite difficult to get a hydrolysate that doesn't meet this criteria. The most important information needed to judge a hydrolysate is the molecular weight profiles you see above, end of story.

Suggested use

Mixed with water in a ratio of 1:2 with dextrose/maltodextrin (ie 1 part [eg. 25g] HWPI, 1 part dextrose [eg. 25g] and 1 part maltodextrin [eg. 25g] ). Add 500ml of water to your blender, turn the blender on and add the powder mix. Let the foam settle for 5-10min and then add another 500ml to 1 litre of water. I don't see any harm in adding creatine or glutamine to this mix. Some may want to add artificial sweetener or vanilla essence for taste. NB: Dextrose $6/kg and Maltodextrose $8/kg, is available on the order form. There is a general consensus that a rapidly digested protein in the presence of high insulin levels is important to workout recovery. However, there is no real consensus as to the best time to consume this drink. Recommendations range from: a) Before workout b) During workout c) After workout d) All of the above However, the research shows that a pre-workout drink is superior to a post-workout drink in boosting protein synthesis. It is really a matter of speculation whether there are benefits to be obtained from also consuming a rapidly digested protein plus high GI carbs during or after the workout. An argument can be made for consuming a calcium caseinate drink after the workout to prevent protein breakdown, if protein synthesis has been already kicked into high gear by the pre-workout drink.


The taste is BITTER. How bitter? Well…Taste is awfully subjective. Beer tastes absolutely horrible the first time most people try it. Some of us soldier on and learn to savour the subtleties of 'bitter'. Cigarettes are another good (or that bad) example. I don't find the taste particularly offensive and neither do others. However, some just can't stand the taste. The taste can be substantially masked with citric acid, vanilla essence or other sweetners. You have been warned; if you are unsure ask for a sample before ordering. Like all our 100% pure products MyoPures' hydrolysed whey protein isolates are 100% pure and contains no additives or flavorings of any kind.

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