Influential, Cool, Stupid and Sad

The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness

michelle Obama

Michelle Obama at number 1 and and Dr Oz number 2. Really? The most interesting thing about this was that during the week when I (accidentally) flicked to the Dr Oz show, he was showing us how to poop correctly. Spooky. Tim Ferris and Dave Asprey at 10 and 11.


I nearly stopped when I got to Gwyneth Paltrow at 16, but for you I kept on scrolling down. Good guys, John Berardi and Kelly Starrett at 33 and 34. The only bodybuilder was Arnie at number 57.


Near the bottom but still on the list Richard Simmons at 92.


With the fittest women on earth, Annie Thorisdottir, in the 2011 and 2012 (only second fittest last year) rounding out the list at 100. From


This sculpture is just cool! Over armed Over Armed Wheelchair by Michael Cooper From FOG Design+Art  

Ankle Mobility

Often over looked, ankle mobility has an impact on everything you do on your feet. ankle mob See all the drills at

The Tao Exercise Chair

It looks cool and it’s super nerdy but as an (exercise) chair it sucks. TAO Chair Never mind that isometrics is so 1950s mail order, isometrics can still work as part of a balanced exercise program. My back is getting sore just looking at the profile of the chair which puts you back in a flexed position. Ouch! From Tao Wellness

Don’t Train on the Train Tracks

Illiteration aside, American actor and fitness model, Greg Plitt, was tragically killed when hit by a train. He was reportedly trying to out run the train for a fitness video when he tripped and fell into its path. In his own words "When you are wondering how do you go on? The better question is, how do you NOT go on?"Greg Plitt RIP. More at the LA Times