Do Low Carb Diets Work Because They Are High Protein?

In a recent article, at Precision Nutrion, Brian St. Pierre, tells us why low-carb diets have got it all wrong. Bottom line is they don't work for most people and the side effects aren't that great.
  • Decreased testosterone (for men)
  • Disruption of hormonal balance (for women)
  • Raised cortisol levels
  • Impaired mood and cognitive function.
  • And they're not better for fat loss

He argues that all carbs are getting the bad rap that only highly processed carbs deserve and that  minimally processed carbs are just as important to our health as protein and good fats. Brian leaves the best till last suggesting that the hidden success factor for low carb diets is high protein. As you may already know protein has a higher thermic effect on our bodies than carbs, makes us feel fuller for longer and helps people retain lean muscle mass so this sort of makes sense. If you're interested in all of this I suggest you grab yourself a MyoPure protein shake (of course :-)) and read Carb controversy: Why low-carb diets have got it all wrong.

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