Massive Under Eating of Protein?

Am I hearing that right?


Kelly Starrett is interviewing Andre Quin head of Sports Science for the Harlequins Rugby Team  in the UK. Discussing macronutrient intake for developing rugby players Quin said that the thing you see at the start is massive under eating of protein. And guys who are too small don't eat enough, guys who are too big are eating too much. Pretty simple. Well said but simple doesn't mean easy. I know from experience that eating enough isn't as easy as it sounds if you're a small or skinny guy and I'm guessing that eating less is just as hard if you're a big guy. Apart from the obvious - eating more protein and dare I mention MyoPure Protein Powders - Quin has found that specifics such as reducing carbs by x number of grams per day works better than banning certain types of food.


So you've got to eat right with plenty of protein. Got it. But what else can you do to enhance training and recovery? How about a cold water bath (13 to 15 degrees C) for up to 8 minutes. Works a charm according to Andre and, no, a shower doesn't work quite the same. Finally, if you haven't seen Kelly (KStar) in action, give yourself a treat and check this out: