Protein Powder is Good for You!

Over at Creative Live, Jonathan Bailor is doing a 2 day work shop called ' Eat More, Exercise Less and Lose Weight'. What if you don't want to exercise less or lose weight, but you do want to eat more? That's a different story. So I was running Jonathan's workshop in the background while I went about my day when this caught my eye. 4 Good Sources of Protein Now Bailor had my attention and I took some quick notes on his dietary recommendations in order of importance. 1) Eat lots of vegetables - at least 7 servings a day. And if you're not sure what a vegetable is, his rule of thumb can help. If you can eat it raw—you don't have to, just have to be able to—it's a vegetable. 2) Nutrient-dense protein —stuff like fish, chicken and low sugar protein powders just like we sell here at MyoPure! (Ha! Protein powder, take that you Paleo Nazis!) Bailor's protein powder preferences in order, are powdered egg whites, whey and casein, rice and pea.  Personally and professionally, I'd put whey protein powders at the head of the list but, again, that's another story. 3) Whole food fats 4) Low fructose fruits and berries 5) Certain legumes. The main message, and I guess it's still not getting through is that fats don't make you fat. Overeating carbohydrates makes you fat! 80lb of Sugar In the wheelbarrow is about 36kg of sugar which your average American scoffs down over 6 months!  Food for thought. So make sure you're eating lots of veggies and good nutrient dense proteins.  And remember that MyoPure 100% pure protein powders are a great way to get some of that protein! Jonathan Bailors workshop is available now at Creative Live and his new book The Calorie Myth can be pre-ordered at Amazon or on iBooks.