Weight Loss Plateau, Dairy and a Hot Bath!

Joel Feren Defends Dairy Till the Cows Come Home

  dairy Five take aways from accredited dietitian Joel Feren.
  1. Dairy is does not create an acidic environment in the body and leach calcium from the bones (take that Pete Evans!)
  2. Dairy is a nutritional power house rich in vitamins and minerals
  3. Dairy is good for healthy weight maintenance and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes
  4. Wards of osteoporosis
  5. Dairy is anti-inflammatory (unless you have a specific allergy).
Full article in the Huffington Post.    

Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau

  Shawn Arent explains why eating more and training with weights can get you through a weight loss plateau.

Similarly, in a Precision Nutrition case study, an athlete went from 22% body fat to 9% body fat while increasing calorie intake from 2500kcal/d to 4000kcal/d. NB. At the higher calorie intake the percentage of carbs went down while protein percentage went up.    

And From the BBC TV Doctor We Love to Hate

  A one hour hot bath burns the same calories as a brisk 30 minute walk and has a pretty good impact on blood glucose levels! hot bath monkey


Thanks Michael Mosley, I'm convinced. Run me a bath.

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