Instantised BCAA 411 Powder

De-bittered - Instantised

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  • MyoPures™ Instantized 411 BCAA formula gives you more bang for your buck with twice the amount of leucine compared to most BCAA formulas. You'll also love the way it mixes instantly with a spoon in water. When I was first shown a sample of this BCAA powder I couldn't believe how easily it mixed in water. A spoonful added to a glass of water, a quick stir and in a few seconds all the powder was completely disolved in the water. Absolutely brilliant compared to regular BCAA formulas. I could still taste a little bitterness but not nearly as much as with regular BCAAs. Now because your MyoPure BCAA powder disolves completely, it works better aiding in recovery, improved stamina and muscle building. Benefits of MyoPure Instantized 411 BCAA powder:
    • Disolves easily
    • Rapidly digested
    • Aids recovery
    • Helps build muscle
    Why a 4:1:1 ratio? For years manufacturers of BCAA formulas have stuck with a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to valine to isoleucine. Probably because this is close to the ratio found in cows milk. Recent research has shown that leucine is the most important amino acid for protein synthesis and it appears to be dose dependent. More is better! Are they bitter? If you've ever tried regular BCAA powder you'll know that it's bitter - real bitter. The good news is that MyoPures Instantized BCAA powder has been debittered. Now there is still some residual bitterness but not nearly as bad as with regular BCAA.