Body Tapes & Measures

Body Tapes & Measures

Body fat calipers keep you on track

Men and women carry different amounts of body fat and will have a different body fat percentage. When measuring your body fat percentage, it’s simply a matter of discerning how much fat is in the body as opposed to everything else (the muscles, organs, bones, water etc.) By pinching the fat away from the muscle at one or several places around the body and comparing the measurements to a chart, you are able to calculate your body percentage.

Whether you want to simply maintain a healthy body weight, track your weight loss or sculpt your body to perfection before a competition, Myopure body fat calipers are a vital tool to ensure you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Nutritionists, doctors and personal trainers all recommend using body fat calipers to measure the changes in body fat and help you maintain a healthy body. Even if you are at your ideal body fat percentage now, calipers are a vital tool in ensuring you maintain this, and are aware of any changes over time.

Having your own body fat calipers means that you are able to measure your body fat in your own home and ensure you get an accurate measurement every time. For those who want to be able to take the time to measure themselves in private, having your own set of body fat calipers is the best way to go.

Body fat calipers at Myopure

When you’re measuring things like body fat, we understand the importance of using the right, high quality tools to ensure you get an accurate reading each time.
The body fat calipers and body tapes we carry at Myopure are the same tools used by bodybuilders and the armed forces, so you know that you’re buying products that enable you to measure your body fat accurately.

Since 2001, Myopure have been assisting Australians improve their lives and achieve their health and fitness goals by working tirelessly to offer the highest quality products. As Australia’s number one online source of pure protein powder and amino acids, we also understand that ensuring you have the right tools to achieve your goals is paramount. We are proud to be your one-stop online health and fitness shop, whether you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, fitness enthusiast or someone who just wants to shed a few kilos.

A secure online shopping experience

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