Why use carbohydrates?

Carbs have received some bad press in recent years, because many people assume they are linked to weight gain. But carbohydrates are actually the body’s main source of fuel. Adding the right kind of carbohydrates to your pre-workout regime can give you the extra stamina you need to get through your exercise. After a hard workout, carbs can also help to replenish elements important for muscle growth and aid in overall recovery.

While overweight people tend to store carbs as fat, the average fit person can need as many as 6.6 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight per day. And if you workout every day, carbohydrate supplements are a great source of extra power to help you work harder for longer.

Myopure stocks a range of selected carbohydrate supplements designed to improve exercise and aid in recovery. They include:

  • Maltodextrin DE17, a complex carbohydrate
  • Dextrose Monohydrate D-Glucose, a simple carbohydrate
  • Waxy Maize Starch, a fast absorbing carbohydrate
  • Palatinose, a low GI carb for prolonged energy

And because they’re from Myopure, they’re all guaranteed 100% pure and preservative, additive and flavouring free. We’re Australia’s leading online supplier and we sell only the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. So whatever your muscle gain or weight loss goals, we have what you need at Myopure.

Why buy your carbs from Myopure?

Myopure is Australia’s premier online supplier of protein powders, amino acids and other quality supplements, and that’s because we’re different from other suppliers. Unlike many, whose products are filled with additives, flavourings and preservatives, Myopure products are just that – 100% Myopure.

Our protein powders are sourced from trusted manufacturers in Australia and around the world, all of whom guarantee their absolute purity. They’re repackaged at a HACCP and Dairy Safe certified facility, so food-standard hygiene is also guaranteed.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, an athlete, a sportsperson or someone wanting to lose weight, we have a protein powder that will help you get the results you’re looking for. We also have a big selection of amino acids and other quality supplements – all 100% natural and all at the best value for money prices in Australia.

Spend over $100 and we’ll ship your order for free

At Myopure, the more you buy, the more you’ll save, thanks to our new bulk discount pricing. You’ll start saving when you buy just two 1 kilo bags, and the savings will increase proportionately with the size of your order. And when you spend over $100, we’ll freight your items to you Australia-wide absolutely free.

If you have a question about any of our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 MYOPURE (1300 181 640). You can also fill out our online query form and we’ll give you an answer as soon as we can. Customer service is what we do best, so shop and save with Myopure – we’re 100% pure and natural, and trusted by Australians since 2001.