Schiek Platinum 530 Lifting Gloves

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  • Schiek® Platinum Lifting Gloves are comfortable and well padded while giving you are perfect non-slip grip.  You'll find them easy to take off due to the patented fins. In addition, these gloves are breathable and machine washable and they will not stretch. Schiek gloves are the choice of champions like Phil Heath, 5-times Mr Olympia and Jay Cutler, 4-times Mr Olympia.

    Breathable and Machine Washable

    The Amara synthetic leather makes your gloves light and breathable with the look and durability of leather. They are machine washable and will not stretch.

    Easy to Take Off.

    Schieks Patented fins make these gloves easy to take off. You simple grab the fin extensions on the top of each of the fingers and pull for easy release.

    Perfect Non-slip Grip

    Wet or dry, you will find the unique rubberised pad on Schiek® gloves provides the perfect non-slip grip.

    Gel Padding

    The special 1/8" thick gel padding will give you extreme comfort while also providing energy absorption and vibration reduction.

    Better Thumb Fit

    The special Keystone Thumb feature provides you with a much better fit around the thumb area.

    Double Stitching

    Your Schiek gloves will not split because double stitching in critical areas provides additional reinforcement.