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Welcome to MyoPure™

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality protein powders and other supplements at the very best value for money in Australia. And we’ve been doing this for customers like you since the turn of the century (2000).

Recent research has shown that whey proteins can boost immunity and increase protein synthesis, caseinates appear to prevent muscle breakdown and work as appetite suppressants for fat loss and hydrolysed proteins provide timely pre- and post-workout nutrition. A number of excellent studies have suggested that different types of protein powders might confer different benefits. You will find links to these studies on this website, as well as much more. The concept for MyoPure was borne out of my frustration when trying to find specific protein powders to suit my specific needs.

As many of you know, the problem is that it is sometimes difficult to work out exactly what and how much of a particular component is in commercially available protein powders and MRP’s. The names of these supplements often misrepresent the contents and quantities of the constituent parts are almost never listed.

I wanted to be able to customise my protein blends to my particular needs – a fast absorbing protein for post-workout, some casein with a high quality whey isolate as a general protein shake. The difficulty I had in trying to find a good local source for pure protein powders provided the impetus to start MyoPure. Now you can too.

At MyoPure™ you’ll find protein powders that are exactly as supplied by the manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Guaranteed 100% pure – you get no additives, no preservatives, no flavourings.

All MyoPure™ protein powders are re-packed in an HACCP and Dairy Safe certified facility which specialises in the packaging of dairy products for local consumption and export.

MyoPure™ protein powders come in conveniently sized resealable poly-laminate pouches.

Our creatine ‘Creapure’ is manufactured in Germany and L-glutamine is made by a Japanese manufacturer in their US plant.

The remaining amino acids are sourced from a trusted supplier in China.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for let me know and I’ll consider adding it to our line.

In good health,

Dr John Breukelaar
BSc, BA(Hons), PhD, MAPS
Precision Nutrition Certified



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