Weight Loss Goals

5 Ways Protein Powders Help You Lose Weight

1. Whey protein can stop you feeling hungry.

2. Protein powder shakes help you stick to your diet.

3. Protein requires more energy to digest.

4. High quality protein helps preserve lean muscle.

5. Whey protein offers immune support during diet and exercise.

Using a protein shake to replace the protein and carbohydrate components of an otherwise high energy meal like lunch or dinner can be a very effective way to kick start your weight loss program. We recommend you keep up your intake of fruit and veggies which help supply the important vitamins and minerals your body needs.

A simple shake recipe is:

1 scoop of Myowhey protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)
1 cup of skim milk or water.

Optional: Additional flavour such as Dutch Cocoa Powder to taste

Add liquid to blender or shaker first, then protein powder and flavours. Adding the liquid first ensures powders do not get stuck to the bottom.