Calcium Caseinate




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Per Serving (g)

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Calcium Caseinate

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  • MyoPure's New Calcium Caseinate is completely natural and made in New Zealand. Casein protein is the predominant component, approximately 75%, of cow's milk It has different bioactive peptides (α-, ß-, and κ- caseins) compared to whey protein. The major difference in amino acid profile compared to whey protein is the low levels (< 0.5%) of the amino acid cystine. Perhaps the most striking difference between whey and caseinates is the rate of digestion and absorption into the body. After consuming whey proteins there is a rapid rise in levels of blood amino acids which returns to baseline in approximately 2 hours. Casein, however, coagulates in the stomach, forming a curd, and is digested far more slowly, leading to a more moderate rise in blood amino acids that is sustained for up to 7 hours. In terms, of muscle hypertrophy, whey could be considered a 'fast protein' which promotes protein synthesis (ie. it's anabolic) whereas casein is a 'slow protein' which significantly slows protein breakdown (ie. it's anti-catabolic). The bio-active peptides in casein may also have anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. In an interesting study by Demling and DeSanti (2000), over-weight untrained men were placed on a diet, given a resistance training program and took supplemental protein either as a hydrolysed casein protein blend or as a whey protein blend. The subjects who supplemented their diet with the hydrolysed casein protein blend lost 3kg more fat and gained 2kg more muscle than those supplementing with the whey protein blend. Unsurprisingly, increase in strength was 31% greater in the casein group. Thus it appears calcium caseinate may be useful in promoting muscle gain and fat loss while dieting especially in untrained individuals.

    Suggested Use:

    Add one serve to 150 to 300ml of water or milk. The less liquid the thicker the shake will be. 1 level MyoPure Scoop weighs 24g


    Milk Protein Powder

    Made in:

    New Zealand

    Summary Nutritional Facts

    Average per serve Average per 100g
    Energy 480Kj  1600Kj
    Protein 27.6g  92g
    Fat 0.3g  1g
    Carbohydrate 0g  0.1g
    Sodium 3mg  10mg
    Potassium 1mg  3mg
    Calcium 0.39g 1.3g