Heavy Grip Hand Grippers

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Heavy Grip Hand Grippers

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  • The Heavy Grips™ hand gripper series was developed for athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level. Also ideal for martial artists, climbers, golfers and anyone else who wants to improve their hand and forearm strength. These high-quality aluminum-handled handgrippers are made in 50lb increments from 100lbs to 300lbs * so that you can train your grip similar to training any other bodypart-- by increasing resistance. *Grip strength is approximate and does not compare to strengths of any other grippers on the market. If you want to develop serious hand strength for a sport, or just want to impress your friends, than the Heavy Grips™ hand grippers is the only choice for you! LIFETIME WARRANTY Complete Satisfaction or your money back!!   The Heavy Grip 100™ takes 100lbs of pressure to close, and the Heavy Grip 300™ takes a mind boggling 300lbs to close. Compare that to most store bought hand grippers that only take 40lbs of pressure to close!!

     HG100s - The Beginner

    • The "Beginner" is perfect for you if you are beginning your 'grip training' as well as for younger athletes, female athletes, athletes with small hands and warm-ups for stronger athletes.
    HG150 - The Intermediate
    • If you have a fairly strong grip you can probably squeeze out a few reps with the HG150. If you are female or a teenager you might need to work up to the HG150 by training with the HG100.
    • With consistent training you will find that the HG150 only provides resistance for 3 to 15 reps for 2 to 6 weeks after this you should be ready to step up to the HG200 or beyond.
    HG200 - The Advanced
    • Even if you have a naturally strong grip you may have trouble closing the HG200.
    • If you have done some advanced grip training you should not have too much difficulty with the HG200. If you’ve had no grip training you will probably find it very difficult to close the HG200 in the beginning.
    HG250 - The Professional
    • If you can close the HG250 once, your hand strength is well beyond the average athlete.
    • Usually only athletes with a hardcore grip training and people who do heavy work with their hands can close the HG250 on their first attempt.
    • And just because you have lifted weights for a few years, don't assume that you will be able to close a HG250. It's much harder than it looks!
    HG300 - The Gripper King
    • Heavy Sports, the manufacturer of Heavy Grips, estimates that there are less than 250 athletes world-wide that can do reps with the HG300 although most male athletes (and there have been a couple of women) can build up their hand-strength to close a HG300 for at least one rep if they train regularly with the Heavy Grips.
    • The key to closing the HG300 is consistency with your hand-strength training and avoiding over-training (Don't train with your HG's more than twice per week or when your hand is still sore from your last work-out)
    HG350 - The Grip Monster
    • The newest addition to the Heavy Grip line-up! The HG 350 hit the market in 2006 at the request of athletes who complained that the HG300 was not tough enough!
    • Although there have been some very strong athletes doing reps with the HG300, we haven't had anyone tell us that the HG350 was too easy!
    • If you can close the HG350, your hand strength is definitely 'world-class'.


     WARNING The springs on these grippers are huge and could cause serious injury if they break. Heavy Sports Inc. and any of our affiliates (including MyoPure) will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur while using the Heavy Grips handgrippers. By purchasing the grippers you agree that you will use them in a responsible manner and AT YOUR OWN RISK!!