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Per Serving (g)

Hydrolysed WPI DH17 Ultra

Ultra Rapidly Digested Workout Protein

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  • MyoPure™ Hydrolyzed  WPI DH17 Ultra is ideal for boosting protein synthesis around workout time with over 91% protein and less than half a percent fat. The degree of hydrolysis is around 18.5%, giving this HWPI a high level of very small peptides. DH 17 Ultra has a high level of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) used in tissue growth and repair. These BCAAs and other amino acids are present as readily absorbed short chain peptides and the product is low in lactose and fat.

    Suggested Use:

    Mixed with water in a ratio of 1:2 with dextrose/maltodextrin (ie 1 part [eg. 25g] HWPI, 1 part dextrose [eg. 25g] and 1 part maltodextrin [eg. 25g] ). Add 500ml of water in a shaker or blender bottle, and add the powder mix. Once mixed to up with another 500ml to 1 litre of water. You can also add creatine or glutamine to this mix. Some may want to add artificial sweetener or vanilla essence for taste. Drink half the mix before your workout and sip on the remainder during training. You might also add a second shake immediately after your workout. 1 level scoop of MyoPure DH17 Ultra is approximately 30g.


    Milk Protein Powder

    Made in:

    New Zealand

    Summary Nutritional Facts

    Average per serve Average per 100g
    Energy 498Kj  1570Kj
    Protein 27g  91g
    Fat 0.1g  0.4g
    Carbohydrate 0.2g  0.5g
    Sodium 500mg  1500mg
    Potassium 129mg  430mg