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Per Serving (g)




Per Serving (g)

Whey Protein Concentrate

Natural Creamy Taste - Premium Quality

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  • MyoPure™ WPC has been instantised at the point of manufacture with 0.5% sunflower lecithin. MyoPure Aussie whey protein concentrate is a high quality WPC with low levels of fat (<8%) and lactose (<5%). MyoPures whey protein concentrate has a natural creamy mouth feel with a bland taste when mixed in water and mixes well in a shaker or blender (mixing by spoon is not recommended). MyoPure WPC has high levels undenatured protein, high levels of BCAA’s (22.4%) and is rich in serum albumin (typically 6%) and lactoferrin (typically 1%). The bio-active peptides in whey protein concentrate may also have important health benefits (see The life extension protein that fights disease and extends lifespan).

    Suggested Use:

    Add 1 serve to 150 to 300ml of water or milk. Or add to other food to boost protein content.

    1 level scoop of MyoPure whey protein concentrate is approximately 27g.


    Milk Protein Powder, lecithin

    Made in:


    Summary Nutritional Facts

    Average per serve Average per 100g
    Energy 499Kj  1664Kj
    Protein 23g  77g
    Fat 1.8g  6g
    Carbohydrate 2.6g  8.6g
    Sodium 51mg  170mg
    Potassium 192mg  640mg